Update on The Point at Six Corners Development

Update on The Point at Six Corners Development

For several months, we have been in discussions with the owners The Point at Six Corners on the future of the development. Although a plan for 100,000 square-foot of retail at the location has already received city approvals, and permits were issued, the owner chose not to move forward with construction.

My office has reengaged the owner in a discussion on how to move this development forward. We have repeatedly pointed the owner toward the Six Corners Master Plan as a guide, and the owner is considering adding a residential component to the site and partnering with a senior living provider. Those discussions continue, focusing on the potential height of the structure, the retail and parking mix, and how the building addresses and adheres to the Six Corners Master Plan.

We have made much progress over the last six years at Six Corners, and in all our business districts. From Binny’s and Culver’s at Six Corners, to Weston’s and Tipsy Cow Cantina in Jefferson Park, to Midwest Kitchen and Mini City 21 in Gladstone Park, my office has worked hard to foster a hospitable businesses environment, unstick city red tape, and encourage reluctant landlords to fill their vacant commercial spaces. Those efforts have resulted in real commercial gains throughout the ward.

While I share the general frustration with the delays at The Point, I am dedicated to bringing development to that space that works for the betterment of our community. It is more important to get development of this scale done right than it is to take the first offer.

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