Street Resurfacing in the 45th Ward

Street Resurfacing in the 45th Ward

If you have driven many of the side streets in the 45th Ward, you have likely noticed quite a bit of street construction. The following projects are funded with Menu Program Money allocated through the 45th Ward Participatory Budget process.

Crews first strip the old asphalt off the street. Then, a week or two later (depending on weather), crews come through with new asphalt. The staggered schedule is to ensure that crews are busy at all times, thereby saving money, and to allow for weather issues that might occur.

So far this year, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation, work is complete on the following streets:
Dakin, from Laramie to Lockwood;
Strong, from Marmora to Monitor;
Marmora, from Gunnison to Strong;
Strong, from Menard to Monitor; and
Miltmore, from Milwaukee to Ardmore.

According to CDOT, work is in progress, or will start very soon on the following streets:
McVicker, from Strong to Higgins;
Melvina, from Ardmore to Rosedale;
Mason, from Bryn Mawr to Seminole;
McVicker, from Bryn Mawr to Northwest Highway;
Natoma, from Balmoral to Catalpa;
Mulligan, from Berwyn to Foster;
Normandy, from Carmen to Foster;
Marmora, from Giddings to Lawrence;
Belle Plaine, from Laramie to LeClaire;
Belle Plaine, from Lavergne to Milwaukee;
LeClaire, from Grace to Bernice;
Tripp, from Addison to Irving Park;
London, from Giddings to Lawrence; and
Waveland, from Tripp to Kildare.

This list does not include resurfacing that is done as part of restoration after Department of Water Management or People’s Gas work. Thank you for your patients as we work to finish this work before snow comes.

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