Schurz H.S. Athletic Field Proposal Meeting Set

Schurz H.S. Athletic Field Proposal Meeting Set

A proposal put forth by the Urban Schools Foundation to strengthen the athletic program at Schurz High School, including the construction of a new IHSA standard athletic field from Waveland Avenue to Kostner Avenue, is in the conceptual design stage.

The goal is to provide our future students access to the same amenities and competitive programs offered at so many other neighborhood high schools. However, the proposal would require the closing of Waveland Ave. to auto traffic between Milwaukee and Lowell. This is a significant change to consider. If this project were to be approved it may require traffic flow changes to the sounding streets.

We all want Schurz to improve and thrive as a strong neighborhood school – one that draws families to the neighborhood, and one where our families are proud to send their children. I will seek solutions to address and mitigate concerns that have arisen from the initial proposal.

I will host a public meeting on the proposal at 7 pm Wednesday, Oct. 8, in the Schurz Library, 3601 N. Milwaukee. There, you can learn about the proposal and share your concerns and suggestions.

From the day this proposal came through my door I made it clear this field must be prohibited from hosting or being rented to adult leagues. It’s primary user would be Schurz Athletics. The community would enjoy second priority with a schedule that is driven by the local stakeholders. The basic proposal includes a soccer field, football practice field and either tennis courts or softball field.

Please remember that the proposal is just that – a proposal – and no final decision has been made. This stage is the time to engage in a dialog about how we help Schurz improve while creating an asset to benefit the local community.



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