PB45 results are in

PB45 results are in

This week, 516 voted in our participatory budgeting process, deciding on what projects would be funded through the Neighborhood Capital Infrastructure Program, also known as aldermanic menu money. The results are in.

Voters decided that 55.1% of the $1 million should go toward street resurfacing throughout the ward. That leaves $449,000 for projects selected by voters.

Each voter selected up to three projects. The results are:

  1. 256 votes for tree planting throughout the ward, with a plurality selecting 450 trees to be planted at a cost of $240,750;
  2. 225 votes for $100,000 of funding toward a new playground at Independence Park;
  3. 159 votes for pigeon abatement at 10 viaducts and overpasses throughout the ward at a cost of $150,000;
  4. 147 votes for buffered bike lanes on Lawrence for $70,000;
  5. 137 votes for improved lighting under the Kennedy at Irving Park for $51,000;
  6. 106 votes for resurfaced tennis courts at Wilson Park for $67,000;
  7. 102 votes for on-street bike corrals around Six Corners for $8,843;
  8. 73 votes for improved viaduct lighting under the UP Northwest Line at Pulaski for $12,000;
  9. 61 votes for Jefferson Park business districtbanner holders; and
  10. 50 votes for improvements to lighting and fencing at the pedestrian bridge leading to the Gladstone Park Metra.

The top three projects will be funded, in addition to the street allocation approved by voters.

Thank you to everyone who attended a meeting and came out to vote. I also want to give a special thanks to the UIC Great Cities Institute, Blocks Together Chicago, and PB Chicago, without whom we would not be able to run this process.

Keep an eye on this space for details on our neighborhood assemblies in the fall, where we will start taking ideas for the 2015 PB45 budget.


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