New Playground Coming to Ashmore Playlot

New Playground Coming to Ashmore Playlot

I am pleased to announce that Ashmore Playlot, 4807 W. Gunnison, will receive new playground equipment this summer.

Ashmore is a small playlot just west of Cicero. In the Spring of 2013, volunteers from my office and Arts Alive Chicago cleaned the playlot and painted equipment as part of the unveiling of the Hep Cat mural, designed by Tony Sparrow, on Cicero just north of Lawrence. Although the cleaning and coat of paint improved the park, it still needs new equipment.

Once completed, Ashmore will be one of six parks or schools with new equipment installed in the last three years. The others are Robert Square Park; Grace Zwiefka Thuis Park; Kolmar Playlot; Independence Park, on which construction starts this Spring; and Beubien Elementary School.

I look forward toward working with all of you to bring new playground equipment to every park and school in the 45th Ward.

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