CNNnews with Carol Costello on ‪#‎LaquanMcDonald‬ and the firing of ‪#‎GaryMcCarthy‬.

CNNnews with Carol Costello on ‪#‎LaquanMcDonald‬ and the firing of ‪#‎GaryMcCarthy‬.

This morning, I was able to provide my thoughts on CNNnews with Carol Costello on ‪#‎LaquanMcDonald‬ and the firing of ‪#‎GaryMcCarthy‬. Here’s my statement and the segment:

“I had hope for Sup. McCarthy when he first was introduced to Chicago. He spoke of regaining the trust of the communities that saw the police as an occupying force. He talked of the community policing mindset that has to be instilled in the culture of the police force.

But year after year of budget hearings where I was told that $100 million in overtime was a ‘plan’ and the number of shootings continued to increase. And now to watch a video of an officer executing a teenager laying on the ground? After 13 months of secrecy, stonewalling and deliberate obfuscation, the public finally saw the video. It became clear that we had been lied to. The McDonald family had been lied to. The entire city had been lied to.

Sup McCarthy has failed this city and squandered an opportunity to invoke the change the Chicago Police Department needs. Like many such reform movements we have to look forward to influencing the selection of the next Superintendent and hold him and the Emanuel administration accountable for their results.

Going forward:
I am proud of the protesters that used forceful yet peaceful tactics to bring their voice to the streets after the release of the video. This pressure has to continue because memory is short supply in these times.

1. We need an independent audit of the police force and the culture that produced an officer like Van Dyke.

2. Establish powers for the IG to oversee the police force with a comprehensive mission and power to review complaints, evidence and settlement agreements.

3. Review the chain of discipline from top to bottom including the role of the Fraternal Order of Police and the collective bargaining agreement.
We have to set a new path for Chicago. There is too much at risk for a city this size to devolve further into the culture of violence that has been allowed under McCarthy.”

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