Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Alderman John Arena for Re-Election in 45th Ward

Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Alderman John Arena for Re-Election in 45th Ward

Tues., Feb. 10, 2015

Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Alderman John Arena for Re-Election in 45th Ward
Newspaper joins 22 other groups in support of Arena

CHICAGO, Tues., Feb. 10, 2015 – The Chicago Sun-Times has endorsed Alderman John Arena for re-election, the newspaper announced yesterday. The Sun-Times noted that “First-term Ald. John Arena has an aggressive, forward-thinking vision for developing his ward that is beginning to pay off.” The Sun-Times joins 22 other groups that have endorsed Ald. Arena, including 10 advocacy groups and 12 labor organizations.

“I’m honored to accept the endorsement of so many groups that have worked so hard to improve our 45th Ward neighborhoods and the lives of working families throughout the city,” said Ald. Arena. “These organizations are a large part of a tremendous coalition we’ve built during my first term in office.”

“I also welcome the acknowledgement from a respected newspaper such as the Chicago Sun-Times that we’ve come a long way together in four short years,” added Ald. Arena. “I look forward to continuing to build on that progress.”

Labor groups, grassroots organizations, advocacy groups and elected officials have joined together in support of Ald. Arena and his successful first term in office. His work to support working families, protect retirees’ pensions and build a vibrant community in the 45thWard has earned nearly two dozen endorsements and counting.

“Working together with these groups and the community, I know we’ll continue to move our neighborhoods forward,” said Ald. Arena.

The full list of advocacy groups and labor organizations that have endorsed Ald. Arena is available at, and below:

Chicago Association of Realtors
Citizen Action Illinois
Democracy for America
Grassroots Illinois Action
Italian American Political Coalition
Northside Democracy for America
Planned Parenthood Illinois Action
Reclaim Chicago
United Working Families
Walk Bike Transit

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31
Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff
Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Chicago Teachers Union
Cook County College Teachers Union Local 1600
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 9
Ironworkers Local 1
Service Employees International Union Health Care Illinois
Service Employees International Union Local 1
Teamsters Joint Council 25
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881


John Arena is the Alderman of the 45th Ward. He is running to be re-elected in the Feb. 24 municipal election.

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