CDOT Milwaukee Complete Streets Presentation Online

CDOT Milwaukee Complete Streets Presentation Online

The Chicago Department of Transportation has posted the materials from its presentation earlier this month on the proposed Complete Streets project on Milwaukee from Lawrence to Elston.

CDOT’s study of that stretch of road found 910 crashed occurred on that stretch of Milwaukee between 2008 and 2012. They also found that 75% of drivers were going faster than 30 mph, and 14% were going faster than 40 mph. At 40 mph, the chance a pedestrian or bicyclist will survive a crash drops to 20%.

CDOT’s primary goal in making changes is to make Milwaukee safer for everyone, while also allowing for more bicycle, transit, and pedestrian use and improving traffic flow.

The CDOT study includes quite a bit of data about how people use the road, where they park, and where improvements are needed. It also has information on the 3 proposals for changes, including how each proposal will impact parking and travel times, and how similar plans have impacted business development in other cities.

If you are a regular user of Milwaukee, it is absolutely worth your time to review this information.

Change is not easy, but you can learn some of the advantages of complete streets projects from AARP andCDOT.

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